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Summer Neck Makeover; The Most Effective Neck Rejuvenating Treatments

As the warm months roll in, it’s time to shift our focus from bundled-up attire to showcasing more skin, especially our necks. A telltale area that can often reveal more about our age than we’d like, the neck deserves as much care and attention as our faces. Here are  two of the top injectable treatments that promise to rejuvenate this delicate area: Profhilo and Polynucleotides. But which one is ideal for you? Here we will look at the unique benefits of each to help you determine the perfect fit for your skin.

1. Profhilo: Hydration and Lifting Powerhouse

When it comes to intense hydration and significant lifting, Profhilo is a standout choice. This treatment is renowned not only for its hydrating properties but also for its ability to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. Profhilo integrates biocompatible hyaluronic acid deeply into the skin, which not only improves moisture retention but also tightens and smooths the skin. This makes it an excellent option for those looking to enhance skin firmness and texture, providing a noticeable lift and revitalizing the appearance of the neck.

What to Expect: Profhilo treatments typically involve a fairly quick 30-minute session with very minimal discomfort when treating the neck.  You might experience slight swelling at the injection points but these side effects usually subside within a day or two.

Results and Longevity: You can expect to see an improvement in the hydration of your neck ( smoother and softer) within 1-2 weeks with optimal results visible after a second treatment (usually a month later). A single Profhilo maintenance session is recommended every 4 (ideal) to 5 months to maintain optimal collagen stimulation and visible results.

Before and After Profhilo (2 Sessions 3 weeks apart)



2. Polynucleotides: Advanced Repair and Cellular Regeneration

Polynucleotides offer a cutting-edge approach to neck rejuvenation, targeting skin repair and cellular health at a DNA level. Derived from the building blocks of DNA, these injections do more than fill and smooth; they instruct your cells to produce more collagen and facilitate extensive skin repair. This treatment excels in addressing damage caused by environmental factors such as UV rays and pollution, thanks to its unique ability to repair and reduce inflammation. If you’re dealing with pigmentation, redness, or uneven skin tone along with age-related changes, Polynucleotides could be the ideal treatment for you.

Before and After 3 Sessions Polynucleotides

What to Expect: Polynucleotide injections are generally well-tolerated, with each session lasting about 20-30 minutes. Similar to Profhilo, some post-treatment swelling can occur. Polynucloetides are more widely distributed than profhilo and so multiple small raised deposits of the product can be seen after treatment which  disappear over a few hours.

Results and Longevity: Improvements are typically noticeable within 2-3 weeks of the first treatment, with further enhancements seen after 2 further sessions. The rejuvenating effects can last for 6-8 months with one maintenance session recommended every 6 months to preserve the skin’s improved quality and appearance.

Choosing the Right Treatment for Your Neck

Deciding whether Profhilo or Polynucleotides is best for you depends largely on your specific skin concerns.

Choose Profhilo if you’re primarily looking for hydration and a visible improvement in loose skin and fine lines.

Polynucleotides are a better option if your concerns are more about comprehensive skin repair and combating visible signs of aging or uneven skin tone due to environmental damage.

Both Profhilo and Polynucleotides are excellent choices for those looking to rejuvenate their neck area effectively. They address different aspects of skin health, ensuring that you can select a treatment that aligns perfectly with your needs.

As you prepare for summer, remember that your neck plays a crucial role in your overall appearance. Treatments like Profhilo and Polynucleotides not only enhance the overall look of your neck but also ensure the skin is healthy and resilient.

If you’re ready to rejuvenate your neck and want to find out which treatment will best suit your unique needs, schedule a consultation today.

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