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Obagi Medical

The Obagi Medical brand has a lot of active ingredients in the range and so a consultation is required before purchase.
Book your free video or in clinic skincare consultation, receive a customised medical-grade product treatment plan and start your journey to better skin.

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What Concerns Can Be Treated?

Fine line & Wrinkles

Lost skin hydration and radiance

Oily & dry skin

Acne and blemishes

Sensitive skin

Obagi Medical is the number one physician-dispensed brand globally and has one of the highest rates of efficacy, so you know the treatments you choose are going to work. The brand has over 30 years of clinically proven results behind its formulations to target a wide range of skin concerns.

No matter your skin type, tone, age or gender, there’s an Obagi product for you. Let us help you find the right skincare products to target your specific skin type and concerns.

About Obagi Medical

It belongs to a select group that elevates skin transformation for individuals of all skin types and tones through the use of medical-grade skincare. This collection of products not only contains the purest, most potent and highly effective ingredients but they have also been rigorously tested by dermatologists and endorsed by physicians. Engaging in collaborative efforts with doctors and medical professionals, Obagi Medical has shown an unwavering commitment to excellence.
Obagi Medical
Obagi Medical

The Benefits Of Obagi Medical

Obagi Medical holds the belief that skincare encompasses more than simply correcting or even preventing skin issues. It’s about unlocking the full potential of your skin. Their commitment revolves around crafting scientifically supported, clinically advanced formulations that foster healthy skin with an eye towards the future, allowing you to approach what lies ahead with self-assurance. Innovation is abundant and the secret is to direct that focus appropriately. Their philosophy involves the meticulous development of transformative products, followed by thorough testing, all aimed at providing comprehensive care for every face, everywhere.


The Process
Based on your specific goals and the areas you wish to address, we provide an extensive array of products meticulously designed to suit your requirements. Our offerings encompass a variety of items, including daily cleansers, toners, serums and sunscreens. All products are catered to your unique needs. Moreover, we offer comprehensive systems that can be explored during a consultation. This approach ensures that you receive the most suitable products tailored to your individual needs and preferences. To make sure you acquire the ideal products for your needs, we recommend booking a consultation with our experts.
The Results
Our selection includes a wide array of Obagi Medical products, each meticulously crafted to address your precise areas of concern. The outcomes can differ across products, spanning from rapid improvements within 12 hours to several weeks with consistent usage. At Skinvie, we take immense pride in our capability to provide optimal, tailored skincare regimens. By arranging a consultation with our knowledgeable professionals, we can engage in discussions to present our recommendations. This ensures you’re on the right path to achieving the skin you rightfully deserve.
How Do They Work?
Obagi Medical is part of an exclusive group that caters to the transformation of all skin types and tones using medical-grade skincare solutions. Their product formulations not only boast the incorporation of the purest, most powerful and exceptionally effective ingredients but they are also subjected to dermatologist testing and endorsed by physicians. They engage in co-authoring research publications with medical experts and collaborate closely with doctors to drive innovative product developments. This ensures that your chosen products effectively address a variety of skin concerns, including hyperpigmentation, acne, dry skin, eye area, uneven texture, the signs of ageing and sensitive skin.

Our product pricing varies, depending on your specific needs. Your Skinvie expert will be able to discuss this with you further, during your consultation.

Obagi Nuderm FX System Normal To Oily – £419
Obagi ELASTIderm Facial Serum – £139
Obagi Clenziderm MD Daily Care Foaming Cleanser – £35

Why Choose Skinvie?

We take great pride in our constant dedication to treating each patient as an individual and our fundamental values place a strong emphasis on personalised care. We take great pride in providing specialised, holistic treatments that are tailored to your requirements.

You can rely on our team to transform your skin and achieve your goals. We stand out from the crowd for our commitment to providing superior treatments that guarantee a unique experience and outcomes that are beyond expectations.

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Would highly recommend Dr Anna Puri for aesthetic services.

Alk Time

Dr. Anna Puri is the person to go to! She is so knowledgeable and caring. Plus always has the best treatments available. 100% recommend her!

Raquel Burrows

Dr Anna is fantastic, from start to finish i felt in great hands. My lips are looking better than ever and did even have to top up yet after 3 months. Thank you!

Emily Marroni

Had lip fillers with Dr Anna Puri and I am very happy with the results. My lips look amazing. Cant wait for the Xmas party!

Anna Maria

Amazing doctor! Dr Anna Puri is one of those rare doctors who makes you feel totally at ease by explaining the procedure from start to finish.

Angela Eagles

Dr Anna is a true professional, I always feel in safe hands and the results are truly amazing . I would not trust or think about going to anyone else for my procedures.

Sheena 0’Mahony

Dr Anna makes me feel in really safe hands (anxious Annie over here) she is thorough, professional & informative. Careful & considerate in equal measure. Really pleased with my treatments.


I am so delighted with my skin after seeing Dr Anna! I really struggled with my skin for a long time and couldn’t find anyone with experience who could help me, until I found Dr Anna. She helped me understand my skin as well as treat it through my consultation, and now I’ve finally seen amazing results that people always comment on! I’ve recommended to friends too!

Charlotte Lewis-West

I can’t praise Dr Anna enough. She is a talented doctor who understands and reassures her patients. She explains each treatment with total knowledge, care and professionalism. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services. I feel fortunate to have found her.

Concetta Foat

I have been a client of Dr Anna Puri for quite a few years now and thanks to her skill with Anti-Wrinkle Treatments and more lately Profhilo as well as expert advice on skincare routines my skin has never looked so good. Anna’s approach is a subtle one, she helps me look the best version of me but the crucial factor is I definitely look like me, no one would ever know I have these treatments if I didn’t tell them, they’d just think I won the gene pool lottery!

Mary Gorman

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