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Truth reveal; Medical Grade versus Over the Counter Skincare

The journey to becoming your most confident, radiant self often begins with the health and appearance of your skin. It’s a journey that starts earlier than you might think. Around the age of 25, the first visible changes in your skin appear – a signal to prioritize skincare as your skin gradually loses elasticity and slows collagen production.

Medical-Grade Skincare vs. Over-the-Counter Options:                                                                                                                                                                                 
While off-the-shelf skincare products might entice with sleek packaging and bold claims, they often fail to address individual skin types and concerns. Over-the-counter solutions are typically formulated for ‘sensitive skin’, a skin type that only about 10% of women and 5.8% of men possess. This means over 90% of women and 95% of men are using products not specifically matched to their skin type. Your skin is more than just oily, dry, or sensitive; it’s about how it behaves, its specific concerns, and its reactivity. This level of understanding and customization is something I am passionate about and can only be achieved with a personalized, tailored approach.
Here are my tips on what to consider, helping you make an informed choice for your skin.

The Allure of the Beauty Counter:
It’s understandable to be drawn to products with sleek packaging and alluring ad campaigns. Who isn’t captivated by the promise of miraculous results? However, it’s crucial to ask: Are these claims scientifically backed?

The Power of Purity in Medical-Grade Skincare:
Medical-grade skincare stands out for its purity and potency. Containing 99% pure active ingredients, and with higher concentrations of these actives, they surpass OTC options which often contain fillers and preservatives. Medical-grade products address specific skin concerns more effectively, offering targeted and efficient results.

Beyond the Surface:
Your favorite shop-bought cream may offer a temporary luxurious feel, but its benefits often don’t go beyond the outermost layer – the epidermis. Medical-grade products, however, are formulated to penetrate deeper, reaching the dermis where substantial skin changes occur. This deep penetration is crucial for long-lasting skin transformation.

UK Regulatory Standards: Setting the Bar High:

In the UK, the beauty industry can sometimes operate in a regulatory grey zone. Medical-grade products, however, are held to rigorous research standards and are subject to stringent regulatory oversight. Unlike cosmetic-grade items, they must have clinical studies to substantiate their efficacy and safety. This ensures that what you’re applying to your skin is not only effective but also safe.

A Personalised Approach at Skinvie:
At Skinvie, we believe in a holistic approach to beauty. Skin care treatments and injectables are partners in achieving a rejuvenated appearance. Enhancing facial structure and smoothing lines is important, but the health and glow of the skin – the ‘canvas’ – truly amplifies the results.

Real Results

“Before I met Dr Anna I felt lost with all the advice online for treatments and skincare products. The consultations with Dr Anna were a game changer.Everything was explained so clearly on treatments and skincare . Since my treatments my skin has really transformed and I no longer need to wear make up!”  Kiran

“I really love the service and great knowledge that Dr Anna and the team provides. Dr Anna tailored skincare products to my skin needs and my specific skincare goals. I love my results!” Isabella

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