ZO Skin Complexion Clarifying Serum

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ZO Skin Complexion Clarifying Serum 50mls

The ZO Complexion clarifying serum is a water based serum designed with ZO® sebum-targeting science. It has been to clinically proven to reduce surface oil, congestion, and visible redness, resulting in a continually clear and balanced complexion.

The Details from The Doctors;

Suitable for these skin types- combination, oily, and blemish-prone skin.

Suitable for these skin concerns; Congested pores, Blemishes, Oiliness.

Key Benefits

  1. Decongests Skin and Reduces Shine: The serum minimizes excess surface sebum, helping to promote a balanced microbiome for a clear and shine-free complexion. It has been proven to decongest skin and reduce shine within 2 weeks of daily use.
  2. Hydration and Refinement: While reducing excess sebum, the serum also provides optimal hydration for various skin types. It contains water-soluble salicylic acid, which powerfully refines the look of pores without causing dryness.
  3. Visible Redness Reduction: The exclusive ZO-RRS2® plant stem cell complex soothes visible redness while neutralizing damaging free radicals.
  4. Easy Application: The light, water-gel formula layers easily onto the skin. Additionally, the serum features a unique dropper that fills automatically for ease of application.


  • ZO® Sebum Targeting Complex: Contains extracts from Eugenia uniflora leaf, Syringa vulgaris, and Rosa Canina. It minimizes excess surface sebum and promotes a balanced microbiome.
  • Water-Soluble Salicylic Acid: Decongests skin and refines pores gently.
  • ZO-RRS2®: An exclusive plant stem cell complex that soothes redness and neutralizes free radicals.
  • ZPOLY™: A plant-derived polysaccharide complex that supports the skin’s protective barrier and minimizes signs of premature aging.

Usage Directions: Apply the serum to clean, dry skin morning and night.

This serum is a powerful addition to your skincare routine, providing clarity and balance for a more uniform complexion