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Get your Skin Summer ready

As we transition from what we optimistically call ‘spring’ in the UK—with its charming blend of rain, more rain, and the occasional surprise sunny day—to the hopeful warmth of summer, it’s the perfect opportunity to tweak your skincare regime.  Whether you’re planning a beach vacation or looking forward to summer picnics, your skin needs a little extra care to handle increased sun exposure and higher temperatures. Here are some essential treatments and practices to start now for that perfect summer skin.

1. Invest in Hydrating Facials: Hydration is key as temperatures rise. A professional hydrating facial replenishes much-needed moisture and prepares your skin to retain hydration better throughout the summer. Our facials  include medical grade hyaluronic acid serums clinically proven to absorb into skin which not only moisturises but also plump the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and giving you that sought-after summer dewiness.

2. Smooth and Illuminate with Redensity I:If you’re seeking that unbeatable summer glow, Redensity I treatments by Swiss brand Teoxane can be transformative. This award winning skin booster is enriched with vitamins, minerals and hyaluronic acid and is proven to improve skin’s texture, smoothness and glow after 2 sessions. How does it achieve a glow? Think of a glass table that illuminates in light? This is achieved because the glass is smooth in a similar manner Redensity I’s powerful skin smoothing effects allows light to reflect off skin creating a natural, radiant glow that looks stunning on any sunny day.

3. Muscle relaxing injections for a refreshed look: Muscle relaxing injections achieve more than just ease the appearance of wrinkles. By relaxing facial muscles, these popular treatments help prevent the formation of new lines and creases, maintaining a smoother surface and enhancing your skin’s natural shine. This treatment is particularly effective in maintaining a youthful appearance during the summer when we tend to squint more often in the bright light.

4. Peel and Microexfoliation Treatments: Regular exfoliation is crucial for maintaining smooth, clear skin. Light peels and microexfoliation treatments at SkinVie remove dead skin cells, prevent clogged pores, and brighten skin. By keeping the skin’s texture refined, these treatments enhance its reflective quality, boosting that glowy look.

5. Medical Grade Skincare: At home, continue to support your skin’s health with medical-grade skincare products that promote cell turnover and exfoliation. Products like the newly released  Cell Cycle Catalyst from SkinCeuticals contain gentle exfoliating acids that help maintain the smoothness necessary for that reflective glow. Incorporating retinol into your evening routine can also accelerate cell renewal and further enhance skin smoothness and brightness.

By starting these treatments and practices now, you’ll ensure your skin is ready to face the summer looking its absolute best. Remember, the key to great summer skin is not just in what you apply but also in starting early and being consistent with your skincare routine.

Looking to start your pre-summer skincare regimen? Book your consultation today for a tailored plan that suits your skin perfectly.

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