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Antiaging Skincare

As we mature, fine lines on our face develop into deeper wrinkles, so if you’re worried about the signs of ageing on your skin, now is the time to put preventive steps in place. While ageing is an inevitable part of life, there are things you can do to slow the process down.

Here are our top tips for preventing fine lines and wrinkles.

Start early with an effective skincare routine

Don’t wait until you see fine lines on the skin to act – from your mid 20s, the collagen levels in your skin start to reduce each year, so this is when you should start putting preventative steps in place. The mos timportant products to introduce in your 20’s are a broad spectrum sunscreen and antioxidant. If you’re in your 30s, incorporating anti-ageing products like retinol into your routine can boost the skin’s collagen supply and diminish fine lines and wrinkles.

Wear Sunscreen Daily 

Reach for a broad-spectrum sunscreen, which protects against UVA and UVB rays, 365 days of the year. Sun damage causes countless skin worries the main one being premature aging. So even on cloudy days, wear sunscreen of at least SPF 30. If you’re not wearing sunscreen every day, it’s pointless spending your money on corrective creams, as the sun will undo the work of the products over time.

Include Antioxidants

Use antioxidants from your mid 20s onwards. This key product protects against environmental damage to the skin caused by free radicals. They can also reverse the effects of skin damage by removing dead skin cells and revitalising the deeper layers of the skin, keeping wrinkles at bay for longer.

Consider Retinol

As you get older, add retinol into your regime. As well as losing collagen in our twenties, as we reach our thirties, the skin begins to lose moisture and elasticity, leading to thinner skin that’s more susceptible to wrinkles. Retinol works by stimulating the production of collagen, increasing cell turnover and regulating the skin’s cell cycle.


So, don’t wait till you see fine lines on the skin to put preventative steps in place, wear sunscreen all year round, use antioxidants from your twenties, and add retinol or tretinoin into your regime from your thirties for younger-looking skin!

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