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Dr Anna Puri

Leading Cosmetic Doctor

Meet Dr Anna Puri, a practising GP and Aesthetic Doctor with a passion for delivering exceptional care and timeless beauty. Graduating from the Universities of St Andrews in 2002 and University of Manchester in 2005, she continued her medical training that led her to become a dedicated General Practitioner.
Dr Anna’s intrigue with aesthetics began during her time working with muscle relaxing injections with a stroke specialist in the NHS, a pivotal moment that progressed her journey into the world of aesthetics and well being. Her solid foundation was built upon real world experience and professional development, including training in medical aesthetics on the renowned Harley Street and at the award winning training institute Cosmetic Courses in Buckinghamshire.
Dr Anna has an unwavering commitment to a holistic approach and weaves together her medical expertise with her artistic vision to provide a truly bespoke experience for every patient. Her advice and aesthetics treatments are thoughtfully considered to align with the unique goals and needs of her patients. Armed with insights from cosmeceutical skincare brands and a decade of practical experience as a GP, Dr. Anna brings a well-rounded perspective to her craft.
Embracing ‘a less is more’ ethos, Dr Anna’s approach enhances her patients features giving a beautifully rejuvenated and refreshed appearance. It is through this distinctive style, meticulous attention to detail and an artistic touch that she has earned recognition as a leading aesthetic doctor in the industry.
Experience the difference that Dr Anna’s expertise in aesthetics treatments can bring to your journey of beauty and confidence.


At Skinvie, we take great pride in being one of the leading aesthetic and cosmetic clinics in the UK with the best cosmetic specialists in the country. Dr Anna Puri and her team of cosmetic experts focus on creating nothing but the best results for all types of aesthetics treatments.
At our core we blend cutting-edge techniques with personal care, guiding you towards a radiant, confident self.
We’re driven by the belief that everyone holds their own unique beauty. Our team combines training, experience, and expertise to create custom aesthetics treatments that bring you unparalleled results. Your journey with us is a balance of latest advancements and your individual aspirations. Your unique self deserves a special touch, and our team is dedicated to crafting treatments that are just as individual as you. Discover the world of bespoke aesthetics that enhance your natural beauty with unmatched results.

How to get that radiant, rejuvenated complexion

It couldn’t be easier – simply book an appointment at Skinvie Medical Aesthetics, where you will have a completely bespoke assessment and a discussion of the treatments best suited for you to achieve a healthy and rejuvenated complexion. Click here to use our online booking system.

Why us?

15 years medical and aesthetic expertise
Trusted scientifically backed brands
Over 10,000 treatments performed achieving natural but impactful results.